FC: Potential Conflicts between Private and Public Basketball Organization

I have always believe that there is a built in conflict between coaching a public school team and coaching a club team.  I am not sure how you can prevent biases from forming when coaches work with, select, and receive payments that are drawn from from families that pay to be of private teams; then proceed to evaluate them as part of a pool of potential players in a tryout and as part of a public teams.  As a coach, I find it particularly vexing that a state association specifies limitations out of season contact, yet allows a 50/50 rule that allows coaches to work with players year round.

While some would say this is a critique of the programs, it is not at all.  As a high school coach, I encourage players to play out of season in various capacities.  I have high regard for many club teams and believe there is a lot to be had in the right program.

However, while the NCAA, State Organizations, and Schools have built-in oversight, most club programs do not.  The growth of for profit groups and independent teams which operate without a system of governance leads to potential conflicts with educational based programs that must adhere to their own rules.

This article demonstrates such conflicts and the actions that must take place:

FC: NCAA investigating more AAU basketball teams…USA Today 20102


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