Idan Ravin’s Keys to Improving Your Game

Idan Ravin’s Keys to Improving Your Game

He breaks down the four rules he insists his clients live by. No matter your game, they can make you better, too.

Forget the gimmicks
“Making it look easy begins with it being easy for you, so keep it simple. You don’t need sexy tools to be better. Some of the gimmicks out there to make you a better athlete — the golf clubs to help you swing better, the goggles to keep your eyes up when you’re shooting a basketball — are ridiculous. If you want to be a better writer, write. If you want to be a better tennis player, play.”

Sweat the small things

“Break down whatever you’re trying to do into steps, and don’t advance to the next step until you’ve perfected the previous one. I’m working with Chris Paul on scoring with the left hand. First he needs to get comfortable holding the ball, just feeling its grooves with the left hand. It’s simple, but you can’t move to the next step until you’ve gotten that.

Don’t waste your gym time

“If someone tells me they were in a gym for 12 hours, I think, They just wasted 11 hours. There’s a finite human ability to maintain a certain level of intensity. When you’re training at your highest level, you’ll play that way. When you lose your focus, put the ball down. It’s like if you’re studying with a friend and you’re chatting the whole time, you’re not really learning anything.

Have an out-of-body experience
“As much as possible, see yourself in space and time. Put yourself in your opponent’s body. How would they react to what you’re doing? If you’re driving your car, you always need to be aware and think about what the other driver might do. To win, you need to visualize what your opponent might do. You need to think 12 steps ahead of him.”


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