HERE is our preseason letter to the players:

BHS Basketball Players

The 2012-2013 Season is just 17 days away. Tryouts start Monday November 26. Times will be announced.

I know that we all share in the anticipation and optimism that this season brings.  Our coaches love basketball and the opportunity each season to teach the game.  Fun is a priority and we have learned that the greatest seasons occur when teams set goals and work to achieve them. Each day brings the chance to improve and achieve.  That is why sports are great.

68 players attended our preseason sign up meeting and I expect tryouts to be very competitive.  As we begin to set our goals, we must all share the responsibility of creating an environment that represents our High school in the strongest light.  This athletic commitment to sportsmanship and building a positive community, along with the foremost commitment to academic achievement, is the highest of our priorities.  We will work hard, we will play together, and we will build a program that everyone can be proud of.  Most importantly, we will do this together.  In the classroom and on the court.

With the graduation of nine seniors (5 starters), we enter the season with tremendous opportunity and potential for student athletes.  We are unknown, untested, and have the chance to create a team that rises and inspires.  We have enough talent and we have enough athleticism.  What we need is consistency in positive desire and attitude, maximum effort, and commitment to the belief that the teams achieve goals when individuals place teams goals above their own.

Last spring, two seniors were selected Varsity Captains.  Both players bring basketball intelligence, ability, and determination to the court.  Their leadership is strong because they are mature, unselfish, and put the team first.  These qualities run through our entire senior class and we will need this senior leadership to achieve our goals.

With a large tryout group, I expect the first week to be extremely competitive.  Players would be wise to advance their individual skills and fitness through rigorous conditioning in the next 16 days.  Do not assume that playing a sport prepares you for the next season.  Basketball requires a multitude of individual skills, intelligence, balance, strength, quickness, along with a large cardiovascular capability.  Failing to be in condition will affect your ability to display your strengths as a player in drills and scrimmages at tryouts.  Bottom line:  It is up to you to be basketball ready.

Finally,  our preseason schedule includes 16 practice days before our first game (at Watertown).  These practices will include four varsity scrimmages.   Once again, we will be making a team trip to a Harvard Mens Basketball home game on Saturday December 22nd v. Holy Cross (clear your calendar).   Also, once teams are selected, we will have a mandatory player parent meeting on December 3rd at 6:30pm (after practice).

Good luck to all of you in your tryout preparation.  

Adam Pritchard
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach


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