Herman Taylor III.Family Statement

We start a new season on Monday.  It has been over six years since we lost Herman.  He was the sweetest young man and we will always celebrate his life.  RIP-HT3.


Herman Taylor III

February 1, 1988 – July 12, 2006

When we speak of the word LOVE we instantly think of Herman Taylor III.  Everyone who loved him had a special name for him:  Baby Cousin, Baby Brother, Lil’ Bub, Bubby, and HT3.  He loved his family very much, and was a loving son, good brother, committed friend, and dedicated student.

Herman Taylor III was never in any gangs or trouble with the police, but that did not stop him from becoming a victim of violent crime.  He was a bright young man with a bright future who loved his Dorchester neighborhood and friends, just as they loved him.  His teachers and fellow students at Belmont High School, where he was scheduled to graduate in 2007, also loved him.  In a recent Boston Herald article, Coach Adam Pritchard described Herman III as “a basketball standout who leaped ahead of his classmates to Belmont’s varsity team.”  Due to his strong work ethics — always reliable, on time, and good with children — he was selected by his coach to help run basketball camps for kids this summer.  In addition, he participated in the South End Baseball League and the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League.

Herman never walked alone.  He saw beauty in people of all races and they saw the beauty in him.  He was a nice person and everyone’s first instinct was to love and protect him.  He was never selfish or disrespectful, and always wanted peace and love to surround him.  Herman gave his unconditional love and friendship to everyone in his life.  He was the kind of kid that would give his last dollar or the shirt off his back to help a person in need.  Herman Taylor III was never mean to anyone, never stressed about anything, nor raised his voice.  He had a way of making everyone whose life he touched feel special and comfortable in any situation.  To us, he was the perfect extension of our family.

The best words to describe Herman are love, strength, and kindness.  He was our Son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend, and a fellow classmate.  He will be deeply missed and forever loved.

The family would like to thank Belmont faculty, staff and students for all their support and words of encouragement during this difficult time.

In his memory, The Herman Taylor III Summer Memorial Fund has been established.


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